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Whether you are trying to advance your research, repurpose existing technology or make strategic investment decisions, CAS can help you get there faster while minimizing risk.
CAS is a global organization of expert scientists, technologists, and business leaders with a successful and extended history of delivering scientific information opportunities.
From our market-leading products, like SciFinder? and STN?, to solutions tailored to your specific needs, we are ready to partner with you.

Chemical Abstracts Services - CAS

CAS can help

Accelerate Innovation

  • Generate new ideas
  • Expand your pipeline
  • Get to market faster
  • Enhance productivity

Manage Information

  • Harness the power of big data
  • Provide quality content & tools
  • Integrate & manage resources
  • Enable accessibility

Increase ROI

  • Streamline processes
  • Mitigate risk
  • Improve margins
  • Extend product portfolio

Protect Intellectual Property

  • Maximize the value of your portfolio
  • Understand the landscape
  • Avoid surprises
  • Align strategy with opportunity

CAS Products

CAS offers a wide range of solutions designed to meet the needs of research, patent, regulatory, and business professionals in every phase of the innovation process. ?

CAS Services

With over 100 years’ experience, no one knows more about working with scientific information than CAS. ?Leverage our expertise to customize solutions for your organization’s unique information challenges.

Being able to rapidly search for important chemical information while an idea is fresh in your mind is almost priceless. CAS databases streamline the investigative process—allowing you to take an idea and rapidly find the important and necessary information before you forget about the idea or it loses its excitement. That really is invaluable.

Dr. Robert H. Grubbs
Nobel Laureate, Victor and Elizabeth Atkins Professor of Chemistry California Institute of Technology.
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With a broad range of industrial applications, epoxy is central to everyday life. Relevant to many industries, epoxy has grown to be a global enterprise and is consumed in all?corners of the world. The intellectual property (IP) landscape around epoxy is no different. In this CAS Analytics Perspective, we examine the epoxy IP space to help industry stakeholders advance competitiveness, overcome challenges and drive strategic innovation. Read more

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